The company with over 30 years of sustainable development

Ben Thanh TSC (former Ben Thanh General Trading Company) was established in 1989. On more than 30 years of development, we have always been proud of being one of the most stable company in Vietnam market and non-stop spreading great values to our community.

CREATIVE mindset is the guideline for every activity in Ben Thanh TSC as well as the solid foundation for our break-through spirit, which lead us to be the pioneer in this modern market.

Our people make us different. We always respect and put the CONNECTION between each of our employees and business partners in the first position. Every individual will have great chances to explore their potentials and to share values & benefits together.

Ben Thanh TSC has a burning dream to be the one leading multidisciplinary company in Vietnamese market and RISING ABOVE to neighbor regions and then, international ones.


Become the leading multidisciplinary company in Vietnam

We aim to be the leading Trading – Service – Finance company in the region as well as maximize our partners’ benefits. Moreover, we desire to bring Vietnamese businesses onto a new level in global market.


Growing together with the development of Vietnamese market

Always striving in searching and developing new opportunities, Ben Thanh TSC desires to not only be the top-of-mind decision of all business partners and customers by turning the business investment opportunitie into profits but also spread the great values to the social community.


Creative - Connection – Rising above

Every person working in Ben Thanh TSC brings their own patterns and creative mindset themself. We build the relationship with co-workers based on humanities, kindness and disciplines. Moreover, we always put the connection between people first. Together, we devote ourselves to build a constantly growing Ben Thanh TSC in Vietnam and regional.


With over 30 years of experience in commercial trading business, Ben Thanh TSC has been exploiting all the potentials in this field to the max.



Real Estate service is Ben Thanh TSC’s main focus as well as spearhead field, in which we will bring out the most creative yet sustainable solutions to fit every customers and partners’ needs.


In Financial Investment business, Ben Thanh TSC has been continuously searching for new domestics and global opportunities.



The pride in business culture of Ben Thanh TSC

At Ben Thanh TSC, we always contribute in our shared values following guidances of the organization board. We always strive to build a stronger business, give the best benefits to our partners and spread great values to the community. Furthermore, Ben Thanh TSC maintains the connection between each employee by goodwill and kindness, from which everyone will see this workplace as their second home.


Human resources is our most precious asset

We always respect and boost the connection between our people first. Human resource is the top priority and the core factor in our development. Thus, they are undeniably our most precious asset.


Respect – Integrity – Professionalism

Each person working in Ben Thanh TSC represents for our company image and devotes themselves to work with respect – integrity – professionalism principles. This has brought us to success in the firm position within 30 years of development in Vietnamese market. We respect our colleagues, company and our partners, as well as priority professionalism in every activities. Besides, honesty is also a top important factor for every business transactions and casual behaviour.


We are a strong team with the most proper people

To work in Ben Thanh TSC, you don’t need to be an excellent worker but the best fit in our company instead. Each person will be given the best condition to explore their potentials and improve themselves. Moreover, they will have equal chances to contribute their ideas and share their own points of view with a cooperative and open attitude.